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Moveable Out Feast
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Moveable Feast


Moveable Feast

A life not a service Ltd Company Number 6476026

'life is not measured by the number of breathes we take;

but by the moments that take our breath away.......'

 Moveable Feast are an internationally renowned inclusive drama and training organisation. They are pretty unique as they harness the experiences and strengths of family members and people with learning disabilities to train, consult and present on cutting edge issues.

 MF have been providing high profile, person centred and community based day services for 10 years. MF are commisioned to create and present drama that gets messages across in an informative and enjoyable way. They believe this is a good way of showing that people of all abilities can work together and live in harmony.

 The kind of drama they do is called ‘issue based’, this means MF try to show how it really is for people with learning disabilities and their families and how we can make things better. MF are also commissioned to run training events and workshops on the inclusion agenda. They have a high profile reputaion for consultaion with front line staff, family members and carers and people using services.

MF create and design new training courses such as 'Modern Days', which are an effective means of creating change in service provision. They work closely with regional and national Partners in Policymaking (TM) to run events for Carers and people using services and regularly present on these courses across the UK

 Moveable Feast work with the bosses in Services such as Social Services and Health and parents and people with disabilities themselves. The group hope that what they do makes a difference. Moveable Feast try to challenge the people providing services to do better and inspire those using services to expect much more out of life. 

  What Moveable Feast say is that people want: A life not a service’.  MF have been doing this for 10 years now and train, consult and perform all over the UK and in Europe and shortly in America. MF performed for the Labour party conference in September '05, opening the conference then as a warm up act for Tony Blair. They have also presented their famous brand of issue based drama at many other prestigious events including the Launch of Incontrol in '05 and the recent Launch of Incontrol as a Charity and limited company in '08.   MF work in partnership with the Valuing people Support Team and the Incontrol and Individual budgets teams to promote inclusion.

'Dreamer weeks' – A really fun and inspiring event that has the power to impact on services and lives!   Exciting and inspiring week long consultation events for people with disabilities, including young people and people going through transition. Moveable Feast use their extensive experience, skills and personality to enable participants to express their hopes dreams and aspirations for the future. Authorities who are struggling with consultation and wish to engage in a genuine way with local people should consider this approach. The week ends with an inspiring presentation to the local authority and to local people interested in listening to the opinions and dreams of young people. The success of Moveable Feast's Dreamer weeks has meant authorities repeating the process due to its effect on the participant and the audience.  

 The following are Specific training pieces using issue based drama;

Hospital choices.... (Created in two parts) the experiences of people accessing GP and hospital services. Highlights and lampoons bad practice and asks us to do better! Commissioned by the NHS (This piece is used in conjunction with a training workshop looking at resolving the issues raised in the first piece and using peoples own experiences to show how things should work - one day event)

'Partnership Bored' (Created in two parts) A real Lampoon of bad practice, power and control on a partnership board and any meeting that involves people with learning disabilities in general. Commissioned by VP (Similar to 'Hospital Choices' this piece is used in conjunction with a training workshop looking at resolving the issues raised in the first piece and using peoples own experiences to show how things should work - one day event)  

 Stand alone pieces that can be used as inspirational 'events' at conferences or workshops or as part of a training course ran by MF;

'everyone is' The personalisation agenda - challenging and provocative.. it looks at how services and review processes have let people down in the past and how Person centredness and Individual budgets can give people a better life.... hard hitting but taken directly from the experiences of the group and of those of families and family networks across the UK.

Commissioned by VP'Dreamer' a simple, funny and sexy piece that shows that People with learning disabilities have ordinary dreams, quite celebratory and poignant. This piece is often used as a consultaion device in training events managed and run by MF or others.

Are You in? The Incontrol Play. Commissioned by The Incontrol Team. (Presented at over 80 training and consultation events to date)

'Staying home' A piece that shows how Individual budgets work for older people. Commissioned by the IB teamValuing people a celebration of valuing people principles.

Commissioned by VP   'together we are better' covers the personalisation agenda and why its good to work for disabled people.

commissioned by the NHS'Nine till five' a funny and inspiring way of promotong work to people with disabilities and thier families.

 'Changing reviews' Brand new. It looks at how a Transition Review can be done to better effect. Funny and up to date!

Commissioned by VP'Perfect day' A look at Direct Payments and how they can be used.  

 Moveable Feast also have a range of training programmes to support the inclusion and individual suppoprt agenda.  

 New for 2010; During our travels we meet many colleagues in local authorities, people using services and their families that are struggling with finding good quality meaningful and fun things to do with thier individual budget or their Direct Payment. We are continually asked by authorities if we would be able to create our day service model within their local authority. Our new years resolution for 2010 is to create 4 MiXiT Stageschools - 'Centres of Excellence' based upon the Moveable Feast blueprint across the country this year. 

 The creation of our MiXiT Stageschools will also give local authorities, people using services and their families experiences of using individual budgets and be an important community bridge.

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